Hong Kong Imaging and Diagnostic Centre

Appointment Checklist


Please contact our centre directly to make an appointment for your imaging test. Full contact information of both our centres can be found on this site.

Each examination is different, and some might require specific preparation such as fasting, therefore, please check the relevant information sheets on the ‘For patients’ area on this site for full information on how to best to prepare for your particular investigation.

Please remember to bring any previous x-ray films and bone density test results with you to the appointment in case they are needed for comparison.


Your results are reported by trained Radiologists.

Our Radiologists will report directly to the doctor who ordered your examination. In turn, your doctor will pass these results onto you.

Although you may not see the Radiologist personally, you can be assured that he or she will supervise your examination and personally report on your tests.

Results will be delivered to your doctor by mail, fax, or via our secure encrypted electronic network system.